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Spring CSA 2020 – Week 1

Spring CSA 2020 – Week 1 starts today! We’re trying out a CSA and we picked up our first box today! What’s a CSA? Well CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which basically means getting your fruits and veggies from local farms in your community instead of from far-off sources. A more detailed description can be found here.
CSAs are great because:

  • you get to eat the freshest produce (you get what’s in season at peak freshness)
  • you support real people running local businesses
  • it’s more eco-friendly (less fuel used to transport your food from “farm to table”)
  • you also may get to try new produce you otherwise wouldn’t have bought

The CSA that we’re subscribed to for this spring is Bush-N-Vine Farm.

Here are photos of our first box from the Hall family:

spring csa 2020 - week 1 thank you
spring csa 2020 - week 1 csa box

What’s in the box?

spring csa 2020 - week 1 strawberries

We’ve got strawberries!

one ripe and sweet strawberry

I ate one right from the box and they’re so sweet and delicious!

spring csa 2020 - week 1 swiss chard

We’ve also got rainbow swiss chard,

spring csa 2020 - week 1 lettuce

green leaf lettuce,

spring csa 2020 - week 1 spinach


spring csa 2020 - week 1 asparagus


spring csa 2020 - week 1 kohlrabi

and an alien vegetable!!! JK, it’s kohlrabi.

spring csa 2020 - week 1 recipe card

They also put a recipe card in the box! The ingredient highlighted from the box is swiss chard, which surprised me because I thought kohlrabi would be the vegetable most people would need suggestions for (or is that just me??) I personally don’t think this is a good recipe, but I do think it is a good dish. Perhaps I will write my own recipe and share it in another post 🙂

What will I make with all of this?

I will add below how I use each of these ingredients:

  • strawberries – eaten one by one each time I open the fridge, in salads, in oatmeal
  • swiss chard – sauteéd with cannelini beans à la my adaptation of the recipe included in the box
  • kale – sauteéd with garlic and eaten with steamed sweet potatoes
  • lettuce – made a salad along with the spinach and strawberries
  • spinach – made a salad along with the lettuce and strawberries
  • asparagus – steamed and eaten with herb roasted baby potatoes, also from the Hall family
  • kohlrabi – crisp salad I veganized from Food 52
asparagus and lettuce

That’s it for Spring CSA 2020 – week 1. Can’t wait to see what we get in next week’s box!

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