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    Fall 2019 at the Botanical Gardens

    It’s finally fall! Here are photos of my visit in fall 2019 at the botanical gardens: Ornate stained glass structure in the entrance of the building. Throughout the gardens there were lots of elegant glass orchid sculptures by Jason Gamrath. Four Seasons Garden More orchid sculptures! Lots of native foliage. A hanging basket and more pretty foliage. White Garden Under the arbor The Lost Hollow Cucumber plants outside the witches’ hut. Fireplace Cave Butterfly bushes 🦋 Scarecrow Stone sculptures and hut Dry Piedmont Prairie Perennial Garden Beautiful celosia argentea flowers and a visiting bee 🐝 Butterfly weed, Goldenrod, Black-eyed Susan and a variety of other forbs, grasses and shrubs. Canal…

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    2019 Rose Show

    The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden hosted Charlotte’s 2019 Rose Show. Here are photos of the lovely roses I witnessed at this event. Enjoy!

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    CLT Asian Street Food Festival

    I went to the CLT Asian Street Food Festival hosted by CLTure. I thought it was great that the Ve-Go food truck was listed as a vendor on the online menu. Charlotte is slowly but surely getting on board with providing more vegan options in the city. Unfortunately, Ve-Go was a no-show to the event. Too bad, as I was really looking forward to those Korean short ribs! Even though Ve-Go was a no-go, I still had a nice time. I voiced my concerns to the event planner and he provided me with a few free beers. I stayed in time for the Indian dance event, and managed to get…

  • goat island fairy house

    Goat Island Fairy Houses

    Goat Island fairy houses! Wait…what’s a fairy house? Fairy houses are whimsical structures built in and from the natural landscape that provide the creator and viewer with a sense of wonder and joy. The other day I was walking around Goat Island Park, and I encountered a bunch of cute little fairy houses! I didn’t know what they were when I first encountered them, I have never seen such structures before. Even though I didn’t know what they were at the time, I enjoyed seeing the fairy houses on my walk in the park immensely. They were a cute surprise! Adorable little forest fairies 🙂 I love how creative these…

  • overview shot of a pumpkin, open book, mug, fall leaves, and socks

    First Day of Fall 2019

    Today is the first day of Fall 2019, I’m so excited! 🍂🍁🍂 This time of year is all about the natural landscape changing colors, pumpkin spice everything, and the start of the holidays! Here are the activities I’d like to do this season: visit the mountains to see the yellow/orange/red/brown foliage go hiking, maybe camping in the mountains grow a pumpkin, or pick one from a local pumpkin patch carve a pumpkin visit the pumpkin wall in Charlotte bake a pumpkin pie out of fresh pumpkins make my own homemade pumpkin spice latte make pumpkin/butternut squash soup bake pumpkin spice cookies, cakes, or muffins stuff and eat an acorn squash…

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    Hiking Crowder’s Mountain – Summit Trail

    I had such a great time hiking Crowder’s Mountain last week that I came back again the next week, this time to hike the Summit Trail! The temperature that day was 73°F, which was a little bit cooler than last week. Not so bad since we were in the shade most of the hike anyhow. We started around 10 AM, much earlier than last week’s hike (we started around 1:30 PM). The start of the trail was very rocky and crowded so I didn’t spend any time getting pictures of that, I just kept moving forward. The pictures below are when we reached the first top section of the hike.…

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    Hearts of Palm Po’ Boys

    I tried out Rabbit and Wolves’ Vegan Hearts of Palm Po’ Boys. Please read on to see what I thought of it. Lately I’ve been trying to become more acquainted with classic American foods (see vegan meatloaf). During my research I came across something I’ve never heard of before, a po’ boy. What is a po’ boy? It’s a sandwich from Louisiana that’s typically made with meat or seafood, lettuce, tomato, pickles, a creamy sauce, and all on a French baguette. I’m not sure where the name comes from, but the ingredients list made it still worth trying in the kitchen. I ended up at one of my favorite blogs,…

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    Summer Risotto with Corn, Tomatoes, and Basil

    Got extra summer produce? Try this fresh and delicious vegan summer risotto with corn, tomatoes, and basil. It’s velvety and creamy without any dairy due to the starches in the short-grain Arborio rice. This dish needs a bit of tending to, but the results are worth it! Visual Instructions for Summer Risotto Start by gathering your ingredients and doing the prep work for them such as warming the broth and chopping the vegetables. Soffritto Melt the vegan butter over a large pan on medium heat. Once it starts to bubble, add the onion and garlic. Season with salt and pepper to your taste. Cook until the edges of the onion…

  • rocktop

    Hiking Crowder’s Mountain – Rocktop Trail

    This past weekend I went hiking in Crowder’s Mountain, specifically I took the Rocktop Trail up the mountain. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit rushed and out of touch with nature. I’ve been a bit busy with work, and by the time I get home I end up zoning out in front of yet another screen. I didn’t want this to go on long enough to become a bad habit. So, I thought to make a day out of hiking. This way I can kick myself back into gear by trying to get in shape and clearing my head by being out in nature. Since it was my first time…

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    Vegan Caprese Salad

    Vegan caprese salad, the perfect quick and easy summer appetizer or side salad!There are typically only three main ingredients: tomatoes, basil, and cheese.Each coinciding with one of the colors on the Italian flag. 🇮🇹 Since there are so few ingredients, freshness is key to making this simple dish absolutely delicious! Tomatoes 🍅 If you’re growing tomatoes in your garden, you’re gonna really see their flavor shine with this recipe.If you don’t grow tomatoes and don’t have a friend/family member/neighbor who is, then please try to go to a farmer’s market for some fresh tomatoes. It really makes a difference! Otherwise, I suppose you can settle for the ripest tomatoes you…