Introduction to Intuitive Cooking & Recipish

Introduction to Intuitive Cooking & Recipish! First off, what the heck is a “recipish”??

To me, a recipish is a method of cooking a dish, like a loose equation. There’s a general formula for a certain type of dish, and you plug in the various ingredients and follow certain steps to get the final dish. You start with X, then do Y, add Z, and that gives you the finished dish. Unlike a formal recipe, it does not provide exact quantities of any of the variables for the final dish. This is something that has been developed by me through . But how did I get here and how can you learn to use them?

child learning how to cook

learning how to cook and developing your culinary intuition

First off when you first start learning how to cook, it’s a good idea to follow recipes exactly as written. This is because the author has tested various methods and came to the conclusion that this specific process works to create their delicious final dish. At least for good recipes, that is.

After many instances of following recipes exactly, you eventually start to get a feel for the rhythm of a good recipe, and what types of techniques and ingredients provide what results. Here are a couple of examples: When you add cornstarch to a liquid, it will thicken the mixture. When you make a stir fry, toss in the largest, most dense ingredients first; then add ingredients by size until you’re left with the most delicate ones to get everything to finish cooking at the same time.

You also start learning what types of ingredients pair well together….lemon and garlic, chocolate and coffee, strawberries and basil, etc. A great website to quickly look up what ingredients pair well with a specific ingredient is IngredientPairings.com.

achieving cooking competence

All of this experience in the kitchen is the bulk of what helps you develop your culinary intuition. With that intuition, you can start to tweak existing recipes to make them your own. Sometimes you will even read a recipe, and a certain step just won’t “feel right” so you decide to alter or even skip that step because you can foresee how that step will affect the final dish in a way you don’t like.

With enough practice, you’ll be able to make your own dishes on the fly. You’ll be able to open your fridge or pantry and confidently say “I can make X tonight!”. You’ll be able to see how all the various, separate ingredients come together to make a complete meal. Congratulations, you are now a competent home cook!

woman pouring oil over vegetable raviolis with basil on top

my perspective and how recipish fits in to the equation

I like to believe that I too, am a competent home cook. Perhaps not good enough to win or even be on MasterChef, but that’s okay with me.

I want to publish posts here with my “recipishes” to document those culinary lessons learned, for my own growth, but also for you. I hope that by sharing what has worked well for me, you can take some tips and integrate them in to your own culinary intuition to make wonderful meals for you and your loved ones.

Thanks for reading my introduction to intuitive cooking & recipish!

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