Hiking Crowder’s Mountain – Summit Trail

I had such a great time hiking Crowder’s Mountain last week that I came back again the next week, this time to hike the Summit Trail!

The temperature that day was 73°F, which was a little bit cooler than last week. Not so bad since we were in the shade most of the hike anyhow. We started around 10 AM, much earlier than last week’s hike (we started around 1:30 PM).

The start of the trail was very rocky and crowded so I didn’t spend any time getting pictures of that, I just kept moving forward. The pictures below are when we reached the first top section of the hike.

Most of the hike was through a forest, but here’s what it looked like when we started to reach the top. What a nice view!

It’s still a bit foresty up here, which is nice.

This little guy kept following us on the trail 🙂 He’s a red-spotted purple butterfly (Limenitis arthemis astyanax).

This is the *official* tippity top of the mountain. There’s a post and plaque that says so.

panoramic view of hiking crowder's mountain - summit trail

Hiking Crowder’s Mountain – Summit trail was another wonderful hiking experience!

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