Hiking Crowder’s Mountain – Rocktop Trail

This past weekend I went hiking in Crowder’s Mountain, specifically I took the Rocktop Trail up the mountain.

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit rushed and out of touch with nature. I’ve been a bit busy with work, and by the time I get home I end up zoning out in front of yet another screen. I didn’t want this to go on long enough to become a bad habit. So, I thought to make a day out of hiking. This way I can kick myself back into gear by trying to get in shape and clearing my head by being out in nature.

Since it was my first time in a while, I went with my brother who’s a more seasoned hiker. It was a nice way for us to bond while exercising and enjoying nature at the same time.

The weather that day was pretty hot, around 85°F. I drank plenty of water before I left so as to not become overheated. No heat stroke for me, so sirree!

Anyhow, please enjoy my pictures of this day’s hike!

We found a tiny blue-tailed skink!

5 lined skink found while hiking crowder's mountain - rocktop trail

Part of the trail involved crossing the street.

First Overlook – Mini Peak

After about 30 minutes of hiking, this was a nice spot for a break.

While up here we found an Eastern Fence Lizard!

Eastern Fence Lizard

Now we’re halfway through the trail, just one more mile to go!

Radio Tower

There were lots of vultures up here!
I took my handheld radio and called out to the local repeater, a few people heard me but unfortunately I didn’t hear them.

At the Peak

Finally, we made it to the top! So here’s a few pictures of that. I had to be really careful around here. There were a few points where I used all of my limbs to climb up the rocks to get further up the trail. This was not named rocktop trail for nothing! Seriously, one wrong move and you’re done!

Surprisingly, heading back down the mountain was tougher than going up. I was more out of breath trying to keep up with my brother’s pace downhill than going uphill.

On the way down we saw an Eastern Hognose snake! Totally harmless and totally cute 🙂

Visitor’s Center

There were 44961 plastic bottles saved by this water bottle refill station. 🙂

water bottle refill station at Crowder's Mountain Visitor's Center

At the end of our journey, we took a small break inside the visitor center’s exhibit.

It was nice that there was a bit of education focusing on ecological conservation.

In conclusion, I had a wonderful time hiking Crowder’s Mountain Rocktop Trail!

Tell me do you hike? Where have you been? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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