goat island fairy house

Goat Island Fairy Houses

Goat Island fairy houses! Wait…what’s a fairy house? Fairy houses are whimsical structures built in and from the natural landscape that provide the creator and viewer with a sense of wonder and joy.

The other day I was walking around Goat Island Park, and I encountered a bunch of cute little fairy houses! I didn’t know what they were when I first encountered them, I have never seen such structures before.

goat island fairy house pine cone entrance

Even though I didn’t know what they were at the time, I enjoyed seeing the fairy houses on my walk in the park immensely. They were a cute surprise!

Adorable little forest fairies 🙂

I love how creative these all are!

An extremely extravagant fairy house!

tall goat island fairy house

I would have loved to do this kind of activity as a child (or maybe even still!). Have you ever made a fairy house before?

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