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Fruity Finds

Fruity finds, the wonderful and edible gifts of nature. My significant other and I are very fortunate that the previous owner of our property was also a gardener, or at least a lover of fruits. We’ve found that there are mature fig trees, apple trees, a large grape trellis, and even a few blackberry bushes!

Read on for pictures of the different kinds of fruits I’ve found on our land.

Blackberries – Late Spring

I love blackberries, they have the perfect ratio of tartness and sweetness. They’re probably the healthiest conventional fruit due to the highly pigmented anthocyanins. If I pick enough of these little babies, I might be able to make some jam!

fruity finds: blackberries
Figs – Late Summer

Figs, so magically sweet. Truly nature’s candy right here. Usually I don’t get this much of a harvest because the early birds get them first!

Grapes – Late Summer / Early Fall

I think that these grapes are some type of wine making variety: they have thick skins and lots of seeds, but lots of flavor too! Maybe Muscadine?

Apples – Fall

These apples are very small with a slightly sweet, delicate taste.

fruity finds: apples

Fruity Finds: What do they have in common?

My SO and I think there might be some kind of biblical theme going on with these fruits.
Here’s the quick breakdown:

Apples – The Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden

Figs – The first adornment of Adam and Eve

Grapes – To make wine for mass to symbolize The Blood of Christ

Blackberries – Possibly Moses’ burning bush?

I’m not a religious person myself, but the previous property owner was. We found a document alluding that the house’s addition used to be a place of worship or used for bible study.

Anyhow, I am glad for whatever reason that will get anybody out into nature and growing their own food.

What do you think of this theory? What are your reasons for gardening? Let me know in the comments below!

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