Fall 2019 at the Botanical Gardens

It’s finally fall! Here are photos of my visit in fall 2019 at the botanical gardens:

Ornate stained glass structure in the entrance of the building.

Throughout the gardens there were lots of elegant glass orchid sculptures by Jason Gamrath.

Four Seasons Garden

More orchid sculptures!

Lots of native foliage.

A hanging basket and more pretty foliage.

White Garden

Under the arbor

The Lost Hollow

Cucumber plants outside the witches’ hut.

Fireplace Cave

Butterfly bushes 🦋


Stone sculptures and hut

Dry Piedmont Prairie

Perennial Garden

Beautiful celosia argentea flowers and a visiting bee 🐝

Butterfly weed, Goldenrod, Black-eyed Susan and a variety of other forbs, grasses and shrubs.

Canal Garden

I loved the blue pitcher plant sculptures, a nice contrast to the orange painted nettles.

I hope you enjoyed my post about fall 2019 at the botanical gardens!

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