CLT VegFest 2019

This past weekend was CLT VegFest 2019! Woo! It was so much fun 🙂

Of course my favorite part is getting to see and taste so many different kinds of food!
Here’s some shots of the vendors that were in this year’s food court:

Nourish, Fern, Ve-Go, Luna’s Living Kitchen, VietGrill, Jyoti’s, Falafels, Jai Food, & Chef Joya

Crown Town Compost

Move That Dough Baking Co.

Today I decided to have a late “breakfast” and purchased a few doughnuts from Move That Dough Baking Co. Out of the flavors available, I selected the Funfetti with Dragon Fruit Glaze, the Apple Crisp, and the Banana Bread with cinnamon sugar doughnuts. The two brown ones were very similar in flavor. My favorite of course was the pink doughnut with dragon fruit glaze and sprinkles. 🙂

Vegan Rich – BBQ & Jerk Kebabs

When I walked by the Vegan Rich table and I saw the shrimp, I just knew I HAD to try one! It’s actually very similar to what I remembered shrimp to be like: soft yet firm, but also almost a bit gelatinous.
Don’t worry though, no gelatin here (all food served at VegFest is 100% vegan).
This shrimp is made out of yuca, or otherwise known as cassava. Hooray for science!
Anyhow, the jerk shrimp skewer was delicious and has got me wanting to try to make some at home.

Soul Cocina – Vegan Colombian Food!

It’s lunchtime! You better bet that as soon as we saw a VEGAN COLOMBIAN food stand that’s where we decided to get our eat on. Gotta represent and support our peeps! 😉

We literally bought one of everything on the menu: mango-pineapple juice, a tamale, pastele de yuca, pupusa, and passion fruit cheesecake. So yummy!

Indian Foods and Spices

Dessert Specialists

The kronuts (a croissant/doughnut hybrid) were sublime!

Muu Raw Vegan

Muu Raw Vegan at CLT VegFest 2019

Loving Hut Restaurant

The Loving Hut had a nice selection of vegan meats. Their restaurant is located in the Golden Green Hotel.


Hempe at CLT VegFest 2019

Barvecue Jerky

No Evil Foods

These vegan meats are really great for tacos.

Whole Foods – Vegan Chicken Salad

This was really tasty, I came back for a few more samples 🙂


Hungry Harvest

Gourmet Desserts


I’m still drooling over these… 🤤

Cinnaholic CLT VegFest 2019

Pepperbox Doughnuts

Pepperbox Doughnuts CLT VegFest 2019

One Beauty Salon and Cotton Branch Animal Sanctuary

Outside: Taza, Zizi’s, Hula Whip, and the Beagle Freedom Project

There was a bouncy house for the kids too!

Overall, CLT VegFest 2019 was awesome! There was so much amazing vegan food! Next year I’d like to plan out the day for this event a bit more such as attending the cooking demonstrations or the lectures instead of fluttering about the stands for free samples the entire time. 🙂

Have you ever been to a vegan food festival? Let me know in the comments below!

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