Nourish cooking at CLT VegFest 2018

CLT VegFest 2018

CLT VegFest 2018! But it’s 2019…Can I write about old things? Of course I can, it’s my blog.

I wanted to post pictures from last year’s vegfest since this year’s is right around the corner.

entering CLT VegFest 2018

Here’s the entrance. So many people! We probably showed up in the busiest time, lunch time. Speaking of food…

Vegan Food Court!

A vegan food court? My dream come true 😍

CLT VegFest 2018 crowd

There were so many vendors with all types of food you could imagine.

Bahn Mi Brothers

My family and I chose Vietnamese for lunch, we got food from the Banh Mi Brothers stand. I got a Thai tea (one of my favorite drinks!), summer rolls, and the wheat flour and BBQ seitan banh mis. They were SO good!!

Chicken and Waffles from Fern

Unfortunately Fern ran out of this dish while I was in line. I snapped this photo from one of the lucky customers who made it in time.

vegan chicken and waffles from Fern


Our second lunch was made by Nourish. We got the cobb’ocado salad and the chorizo-stuffed portobello cap. Both were tasty, and it was really neat to see a vegan boiled egg in the dish.

Living Kitchen

We did want to eat something green, so we got a kale caesar salad from Living Kitchen.


I was too stuffed to get a cinnamon bun from Cinnaholic (they’re HUGE) but I’m excited to try one later!

Cinnaholic stand at CLT VegFest 2018


Their samples were delicious!

Barvecue CLT VegFest 2018

Greener Apple Snacks

My mom went nuts over the tahini bars!

Greener Apple CLT VegFest 2018
tahini bars

Nelly’s Organics Candy Bars

More yummy samples 🙂

Nelly's Organics CLT VegFest 2018

Revolution Gelato

I’m not huge on frozen desserts, but I’m glad that there is another vegan option in the marketplace!

Viva Raw – Vegan Cheeses

The Viva Raw volcanic ash cheese was really tasty, the only one on the board that reminded me of a “true” cheese flavor. The rest definitely had a nuttier taste and grainier texture.

Vegan Apparel

There were lots of nice vegan shirts available for purchase.

Tower Garden

Perfect for small spaces indoors.

Potters Market Farms

What beautiful produce!

Dr. T. Colin Campbell

We had the privilege of having Dr. T. Colin Campbell give a lecture on plant based nutrition.
You can watch most of it on YouTube here.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell speaking at CLT VegFest 2018

Vegan Food Trucks: Peace of Soul and Slicin’ and Dicin’

Who doesn’t love a vegan food truck or two?

Overall CLT VegFest 2018 was a blast and I can’t wait for CLT VegFest 2019!

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