CLT Asian Street Food Festival

I went to the CLT Asian Street Food Festival hosted by CLTure. I thought it was great that the Ve-Go food truck was listed as a vendor on the online menu. Charlotte is slowly but surely getting on board with providing more vegan options in the city. Unfortunately, Ve-Go was a no-show to the event. Too bad, as I was really looking forward to those Korean short ribs!

CLT Asian Street Food Festival Menu
Literally the reason why I bought my ticket.

Even though Ve-Go was a no-go, I still had a nice time. I voiced my concerns to the event planner and he provided me with a few free beers. I stayed in time for the Indian dance event, and managed to get the other vendors to give me vegan versions of their samples. If there’s a will, there’s a way!

Anyhow, enjoy the photos from the event! Lots of cool dancing!

Veggie samples from the other vendors:

  • O-Ku – hand rolled cucumber mango sushi
  • Deejai Thai – kao soy soup with tofu

Free seaweed snacks from Super G! They’re the best!

Hopefully next year’s Asian street food festival will have more vegan options!

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